Britain's Premier Gun
Barrel Manufacturers

Sassen Engineering is a Birmingham UK based engineering company that have been leading precision engineers manufacturing quality repetition turned parts for over thirty years.

We operate from our modern factory premises in Birmingham, close to the city centre and motorway network. As precision engineers, we employ the most efficient machining techniques on a range of manual and fully automated CNC lathes for both large and small quantity production turned parts.

Working with our clients since 1988

Match Grade Barrels

Manufactured to increase your weapon’s accuracy. Perfect for competitive shooting or extremely long-range hunting.

UK Manufactured

Sassen are UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke gun barrels with international partners.


We consistently check, measure and test our products to the requirements to confirm compliance.

Hand Finished

Our barrels are finalized with perfection resulting to hand finished products for our clients.

Made to Measure

The highest quality production programmes are standard policy at Sassen Engineering. Whether it is for volume or short run production, and our quality programme includes techniques fully tested and approved to ISO/UKAS UK Quality Management standards.

Here at Sassen, we’re proud of what we do. For us, there’s nothing more rewarding than hearing stories from satisfied customers about the great things they’re doing with our products.


Steven Klemm

“I switched to your barrels and won’t go back! I just wanted to reach out and offer my sincere thanks for the impact that the Sassen team had on my competitive shooting experience last year. 10/10”