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Match Grade Barrels

All our barrels are Match grade as standard.

This means we expect all our barrels to shoot 0.5 MOA (Minutes Of Angle) when using high quality ammunition and fitted by a competent gunsmith. In many cases 0.5MOA has been far exceeded with reported groups sometimes down to 0.1MOA.

It is important to note that the barrel is a part of many components used within a long range firearm. Each are needed to be high quality and soundly made in order to compliment each other. Any weak link, being the barrel, action, stock, trigger, ammunition, sight mount or scope, will let the whole system down; ultimately putting a cap on maximum potential accuracy.

This is why we will never take any short cuts in barrel production, and will never offer a sub standard product that we don't regard as Match Grade accuracy. We have a saying that the last thing your bullet touches, as it heads down range, is the rifling on one of our barrels.