Essentially no, the inside finish on our barrels are as good as they ever will be and no amount of shooting will make it better. However general practice is to shoot 1 shot and clean, repeat five times. Then shoot 3 shots and clean, repeat 5 times. Then shoot 5 shots and clean, repeat 5 times. Once done, clean normally. 

This process may benefit in smoothing out the chamber throat, but if the barrel is fitted by a competent gunsmith using sharp chamber reamers this is probably a waste of ammunition 

We do not warrant any fire lapping of our barrels and will void all warranties if done.

Not a problem, please use one of our dealers listed on the website and he can place your order with us.

In simple terms, a unchambered/un threaded barrel blank is not considered a firearm part as of yet. This means no licences are required to be in possession of one or special shipping methods needed for posting.

On average we quote 12 weeks from order to delivery, but due to the many factors and combinations in barrel making this may be longer or shorter.

We don’t do any gain twist rifling at Sassen. We may do in the future but currently we have found no real demand for it.

We have great pride of our rifling surface finish; this does greatly reduce copper/carbon build up as the firearm is shot. However, ultimately there will come a point when it needs a clean and its up to the shooter to really determine that and act accordingly to maintain accuracy and barrel life.

Yes, we can flute any barrel you order with us. We have a range of patterns available; or if required any custom design you bring to us.

Fluting has two main benefits, weight reduction in any given barrel length and increased surface area for heat dissipation.

Suppressors will hold more heat, pressure, and fouling in the barrel; this in turn will reduce barrel life. By how much?.......we are not sure, some say 20% others say 5%.

We use 416R stainless or Chrome molly (EN19 or EN24) on all our barrel blanks. You will have to specify what type you would like on ordering.

We have found no difference in accuracy or barrel life between these types of steel. However, if you want a more weather resistant material, we suggest the stainless 416R and if you have a finer firearm requiring a traditional English black/Blue finish, we only recommend using chrome molly.

The age-old question which gets disputed by many gunsmiths and barrel makers alike. At Sassen we ultimately, over much debate, feel that a cut rifled barrel blank just has that edge over a buttoned one. Not by much though, and some of the groups being obtained by our buttoned barrels seriously question our judgement on this. But in the end, we all agree if you want to get that last drop of accuracy out of a firearm, and don’t mind that extra cost of a cut rifled barrel. Choose Cut!