Ben Hanley-Bain

Professional deer stalker, Warwickshire

“I have absolute confidence in my Sassen barrel delivering the cold bore shots I require every time I’m out in the field, the shot to shot consistency is amazing”

Dave Green

Hunting enthusiast, Ullenhall

“I recently had my rifle re-barrelled in .223 Remington using one of your barrels and the groups I’m getting are unbelievable, 5 shots all touching at 150 meters”

Mark French

M.F Gunmaker’s, Nuneaton

“The steel is brilliant to machine and the internal bore finish is the best out there. I got the barrel traditionally blacked and the colour is fantastic, a real deep black blue that the customer loves”

Steve Good

Head Game keeper, Eaton Woodland Shoot

“I was having trouble with a number of fox’s taking pheasants’ from the shoot, I eventually invested in a new rifle with one of your barrels on and the accuracy was amazing. It didn’t take long to fix the problem and get the shoot back on track”